Together it’s possible

We have heard from our GWH clients and those in the market that there is a desire to work with the GWH team, beyond the purchase of a GWH property development. That there is a desire from vendors, purchasers, and tenants alike, for a streamlined and transparent process in the property. 

GWH holds a unique position in the local property market. Enabled by 25 years of experience of both developing and building property across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and the greater Hunter region to recognize the changing needs of our market and adapt.

Born from the many requests from our clients for us to continue the property journey with them, in our unique way, is our new real estate service, GWH/RE.

Whether you are a first home buyer, securing your dream home, or leasing the ideal commercial space for your business to prosper, we’re driven to see your vision realized. For you to achieve what is possible. 

GWH/RE is founded on the knowledge, trust, and relationships we hold in our local community and will deliver a new real estate service offering to our region.

Our specialty lies in our relationships. Our ability to connect, relate and understand the components of your vision.

In property, every individual situation has its variables and we will work with you to understand and get to know yours. Uncovering the path to achieving your vision.

Our unique style and ability will support and encourage you to confidently move forward with your property decisions.

From our personalized service, local market knowledge, and awareness, to our array of diverse property listings and in-house marketing specialists, when you have GWH/RE with you, together it’s possible.